What is a Walk-in Van?


A walk-in van is a delivery truck that is commonly called a stepvan. Most people recognize them as a UPS or Fed-Ex truck. These big trucks are work-a-holics and rarely get recognized from the commercial trucking world. Stepvans are used by many bakeries to help distribute their goods from local bakeries to stores. But these beasts are diverse! They don't just do deliveries. Walk-in vans have proven popular with S.W.A.T. teams and contracting companies. Stepvan's hold A LOT of stuff and is a fairly simple vehicle to keep up with maintenance on.

So let's say you want yourself a Stepvan, well that's awesome! But there are a few things you should know before you go scouring eBay and local dealers. Stepvans are not identified by manufacturer like your car or pickup truck. They actually have two manufacturers. One company makes the chassis and another manufactures the body. Common chassis manufacturers include; Freightliner, Workhorse, Ford, and GM. Body manufacturers that are still in business include; Morgan Olson and Utilimaster. Companies who made stepvan bodies and are no longer in business or no longer make those particular styles are Grumman Olson, Boyertown, Supreme Body, Union City Body, and Penn Body.

Why Own a Walkin Van?

We could explain the pros and cons of a walkin van...but Freightliner Chassis have made a great video talking about the same thing! To see more of their videos, click here.

Want to learn more?

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