Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of truck do I have?

Many of our customers are not sure of what brand of truck they drive. Some of the more popular body names are Grumman Olson, Morgan Olson, Utilimaster, Union City Body Co., Supreme Body and Penn Body. But all of these body manufacturers are just that, they mount their body on a chassis from either GM, Ford, Freightliner or Navistar. This means that your Utilimaster body could be mounted on a Ford, Freightliner or Workhorse chassis. The most common place to find out about what body you have is on the name plate above the driver's door or window. For more detailed information see our 'My Van' page for clear illustrations to assist you in your search.

Where do I find my serial number for my roll-up door?

Serial numbers are located on the inside top right upper corner on the top panel of the door. When standing in the van and the door is down (don't lock yourself in), look to your upper right and there should be an identification label with the serial number.

What is the shaft size my side or rear door handle?

Door handle only have two different shaft sizes, 5/16" or 3/8". If you are replacing one of the sliding side door handles and you are not sure, you will have to remove your handle and measure it. If you have a Grumman / Morgan Olson you have a 3/8" square shaft but Utilimaster and UCBC used both 3/8" and 5/16". You will also need to measure the length of the shaft. If it measures 3/8" square it is available in 1-15/16", 2-3/4" or 3-3/4" long. You can always buy the longer shaft and cut it to length if you are not sure. Any time you have a 5/16" square shaft the length for the side door handles are going to be 3-3/4" long and will need to be cut when necessary. Most rear door 'L' or 'T' handles, (handles without the large mounting plate) are 5/16" and the shaft sizes only come in one long 3" or 4" length depending on the style of the handle.

If I change all my lights over to LED is there anything else I have to do?

Yes, for all lights connected to the blinkers you will need a new self adjusting flasher.



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