Parts Information

Parts have always been a bit of a problem with the walkin van industry. With companies changing hands every few years, the vans inadvertently changed as well. With changes to the chassis or body every few years, it sends the parts industry into chaos trying to keep up. Some of the manufacturers even stopped selling parts for the models that were made under their previous owners. So if you bought a brand new van and the chassis company changed hands the next year you may not be able to buy parts for your truck anymore, or at least it could become very difficult!

While some OEMs have kept producing parts for previous manufacturers vehicles, many didn't which led to a strong aftermarket presence. Mill Supply, Inc. is the industry leader in aftermarket stepvan parts. There have been other aftermarket walkin van parts dealers over the years but none have been able to match the quality or parts and service that Mill Supply is known for.

Commonly Replaced Parts

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